The Brand

The bandīs brand is formed by the three musical theme blocks presented in stylish outfits and a kick-ass choreography. Enjoy an energy-loaded show including exquisite hits of the 80īs, dance to highlights from the disco era and catch the beat to current chart hits. With their presence on stage, their style and interaction with the audience, the band really sets the spark. Not only does ALL IN offer first class cover band entertainment, but their overall performance makes the septet extraordinary and unique.

Additionally bookable:

As a classy start-up to your event, ALL IN provides an exquisite background show, while you enjoy your dinner. (lounge piano, jazz standards, ballads with or without vocals)

For gala events and formal balls a colorfully mixed repertoire picked from standard dances and timeless evergreens is bookable at your convenience.

A specially designed light show and/or an up to 11 member dancing group guarantee for a show thatīs a class of its own.

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